The latest ESP32 software is available for download here.

Firmware ESP32 V1.2.1-Installscript Windows Installation description
Firmware ESP32 V1.2.1-Resources and libraries Setup the build environment
Firmware ESP32 V1.2-Installscript Windows
Firmware ESP32 V1.2-Resources and libraries
Firmware ESP32 V1.1-Installscript Windows
Firmware ESP32 V1.1-Resources and libraries

Release Notes & Known Issues ESP32 Firmware 1.2 & 1.2.1

  • The ESP32 board can now act as an http server for the SVG files. You have to copy the SVG file to the flash card in the root directory. Then the app can load the file from there. Syntax: http://<board-ip>/file/<svg-name>.svg, Beispiel:
  • Bugfix in version 1.2.1 – It often happened that the data was not saved on the SD card.

Release Notes & Known Issues ESP32 Firmware 1.1

  • The oled display switched off after a configurable time. It turns on when a magnet is held over the ESP32 chip. As a result, the display is less stressed and it does not age so quickly, which is clearly visible on my board. It is also possible to configure the brightness.

esp32 oled aging

Release Notes & Known Issues ESP32 Firmware 1.0

  • quite stable
  • unwanted resets may occur every 2 days


The software for the ESP32 board is underĀ  the GPL V3 and can be used freely. The following libraries are used: