Shopping list


The items can be ordered entirely in Germany. All of this is needed:

  • ESP32 Wemos Lolin Board (There are two different variants of the board. The larger board has the reset and boat button on top. The smaller board on the back.)
  • SPI Reader
  • Micro SD Card
  • Temperature sensor DS18B20. There are different variants. I use the sensors in the stainless steel package. It is available with 1 meter and 3 meters of cable length.
  • Plug
  • Audio Splitter
  • Jack
  • 4.7KOhm Resistance
  • Cable/litz wire
  • Screws for the case 2.2X6.5. It can also be used a smaller diameter than 2.2. I think 2.0 is OK too. The length of 6.5 is already ideal for the case.
  • The case: The STL file can be purchased through the reseller Digistore24. I have printed the case at Hubs in PLA. There are different colors to choose, with difference in prices.

Alibaba Express

I had ordered individual components from Alibaba Express in the Far East. This takes a little longer but is also cheaper. As shipping, I would click on Ali Express Standard Shipping. Personally, beside the SPI Reader, I ordered everything from Alibaba Express. The duty free allowance in Germany is 22 euros (approx. 25$) and is usually delivered directly to the mailbox.

Description Price
ESP 32 Wemos Lolin-Search ‘wemos esp32 oled’ 8$
SPI Reader 2$ – I still need to test
DS18B20 8$ – 5×1 metres
14$ – 10×1 metres
24$ – 20×1 metres
Micro SD Card 5.60$
Audio splinters 3$
Ribbon cable 3$
Wire cutter/side cutter-search ‘electric wire cutter’ 2$

I know it is implausibly to buy these items in Germany, but sorry I have no other source of supply.


Description Price
ESP 32 Wemos Lolin-Search ‘ESP WROOM 32 Wemos Lolin’ Large (16€) board version
SPI Reader 4€
DS18B20 12€ – 5×1 metres

10€ – 2×3 metres

Cable/litz wire 11€
Screws 2.2X6.5 TX6 5€
Audio splitter 8€
Soldering station 33€
Solder 6€


Article Description Price
KSS 35 Blade plug, 3.5mm, stereo, 3-pol 0.30€
EBS 35 Blade built-in jack, 3.5mm, stereo 0.30€
AVK 119Q-50 Audio cable, 3.5mm stereo clinch plug, 5m 1.55€
1/4W 4,7K Resistance, coal layer, 4.7 kOhm, 0207, 250 mW, 5% 0.10€